Other Services We Provide

Interventional Respiratory Care

The consultant specialists of the CCIWA are all skilled at performing diagnostic fibre-optic bronchoscopy for patients in the ICU.

Dr Greg McGrath is also a qualified Thoracic Physician and has formal training, experience and interest in interventional and therapeutic fibre-optic as well as rigid bronchoscopy. For information or advice he can be contacted on 0407711727.


Since 1996, CCIWA has provided an invaluable in-house echocardiography service for critically ill patients.  CCIWA physicians under the guidance of Echo-Intensivists Drs K Donovan, B Ng, C Edibam and C Allen, can perform both transthoracic and transoesophageal echocardiography at RPH and Mount Hospital independently 24 hours a day, seven days a week. A service will soon be provided at St John of God Hospital, Subiaco. Common indications for imaging critically ill ICU patients include emergency imaging of postoperative cardiothoracic patients to exclude cardiac tamponade and assess ventricular function and native and/or prosthetic valve function.

In addition, we use echocardiography for  the rapid exclusion of endocarditis in septic patients, identification of a cardiac source of embolus, and assessment of myocardial and aortic injury in trauma patients. Echocardiography has also proven to be a very useful hemodynamic monitoring tool in our ICUs and has significantly reduced the need for pulmonary artery catheterization.  

Our Echo-Intensivists work in close clinical collaboration with the echocardiography laboratory of the Department of Cardiology at RPH We have an active weekly case conference and continuing education program and attend major national and international echocardiography meetings.  We have acquired state of the art GE Vivid i  and Vivid 7 (with three dimensional imaging capabilities) echocardiography platforms. In December 2004, the CCIWA echo service went digital with the acquisition of a ProSolv digital echo analysis and reporting system.  Echocardiography is an integral part of CCIWA practice and patients can rest easy knowing that this service is available at any time at very short notice.


Dr John Lewis is a formally trained toxicologist. He lends special expertise to the management of poisoning and pharmaceutical overdose.

In March 2009 Dr Lewis completed his post-graduate diploma in echocardiography (PGradDip(Echo)) from the University of Melbourne.